As there were a lot of artists invited to Cyberfest 2009, of course some cool conversations took place! At the Frants Gallery Space, when Pinkpink arranged an SL scene and people were allowed to try it out on their own, she met Carol Parkinson, director of Harvestworks, together with Hans Tammen she was presenting a sound installation named "Echolocation". Carol was very excited about SL, and said that they want to start their own project inworld. Hope so! Also Denny Daniel, who is running some funny projects, watch out his Museum of interesting things, checked out SL very carefully, threw away some not locked walls in Cyland, told what he already did...and asked a lot about what he can do more! And Raphaele Shirley, who was there to present [PAM] - perpetual art machine - she had a lot of compliments for Pinkpink´s creations and carefully listed them. Thank her so much! And DJ Spooky also! He liked the idea to implement his work Kino Pravda in SL, and therefore gave us a DVD for a better output. It was a pity that the "Electric Alien" scene inworld could not have been shown to the real life public during the live-performance by Andrey Bartenev, which was streamed inworld - there were, lets say, some difficulties - to learn about! - but a documentation-video will follow. Please stay tuned! And find videos about Cyberfest already at and read what Brian Droitcour wrote about it at!