Sad to say, this is the end.

Its already a while ago when Cyland unfortunately stopped its engagement in Second Life - as well as Pinkpink stopped publishing on this blog, although she worked further and still used the studio in SL…but its now just consequent when the virtual land of Cyland will be definitely closed. Until the end we had around 100 visitors per month who enjoyed the long-time installations at Cyland Odditorium and the Fluxus-concerned space. Let me say again a lot of thanks to Cyland, who gave virtual art a chance, and to all of the engaged artists in alphabetical order: Igor Ballyhoo, Glyph Graves, Gleman Jun, Patrick Lichty, L1Aura Loire, Bibbe Oh, Selavy Oh, Scottius Polke, Binary Quandry, Pixel Reanimator, Sledge Roffo, Misprint Thursday, Betty Tureaud and Magggnnus Woodget. Hope to see you in a sandbox or at ngrid or elsewhere!

Lots of Nybbles. Party on Sunday!

Dividni Shostakovich throws a party for us upcoming sunday, on the 12th of february at 1 PM SLT, due to that he has thankfully invited Shellina Winkler and Pinkpink to build something never shown before at Split Screen. and Quan Lavender thankfully wrote a preview about both installations at her blog - as well as Honour McMillan reported on them, in a different way, here. Experience them yourself: Teleport to Split Screen - and/or join us on sunday...looking forward!

"Lots of Nybbles", a conceptual visualization of a small element of a standard convention in an interactive way


an exhibition curated by L1Aura Loire can still be visited at LEA4 - TELEPORT!

- with installations by: Eupalinos Ugajin, Glyph Graves, Lorin Tone, Maya Paris, Misprint Thursday, Selavy Oh and the Mixed Reality Participatory Performance Environment "Senses Places" by Isabel Valverde and Team - go for it, its worth the time.

In the frame of "InterACT" Pinkpink shows her first over 1000 prim installation "The Beauty of LSL", a referral to the possible elegancy and loveliness of a general byte. "Butter, Honey!" stays a working-title ;).


(Working-title:) Butter, Honey!

She currently works on an installation for the group-show "InterACT!", curated by Prof. Loire, which will open on October, 15th at LEA, Linden Endowments for the Arts.

...right after "Burn2", the virtual equivalent to the Burning Man Festival, which will smash us from October 1st to 9th.

...and besides: promised video-documentations about the installations "Antsy Chamber" and "Aleatoric" are finally enjoy ;).

Ars Electronica 2011

The this year´s Ars Electronica Festival took place from August 30th to September 6th in Linz, Austria, with its title "Origin - how it all begins" - and as you can imagine, Pinkpink has been seeing an incredible number of Media Art. Since she visited twice the presentation of MIT´s doppellab hold by Joseph Paradiso and Gershon Dublon at the "Deep Space", where high-definition visuals in jumbo 16x9-meter format are to enjoy, she´d like to face a Second Life-3D-project... :P - the cross reality thing "doppellab" is weird also in that case, that the virtual environment is not built, but generated by an engine getting the datas of the building through sensors attached in real to the MIT´s headquarter in Massachusetts.

In the frame of the displayed activities of the University of Tsukuba, Japan, which has played a leading role in media art for more than 30 years, there was another installation by Hiroo Iwata, which showed up a possibility for crossing our worlds. "Torus Treadmill" is a construction, which enables you to walk on a mechanic floor through a virtual projection.

Pinkpink also found a work which was balm for her weakness for 3D-printing: "Print your own souvenir". BlablaLab from Spain realized to scan the visitor and a miniature-statuette becomes printed three-dimensionally from a volumetric reconstruction of the person. For that work BlablaLab won the Honorary Mention price of Hybrid Art at Ars Electronica 2011.

In the category "Computer Animations and Film" "The Chase" by Faulkner & Smith won an Honourable Mention Price too; she is tickled pink about a work like that; screen-captured game-sequences included!

And because of the weakness of CYLAND for the Theremin in general "The Art of Body Mass" by Herbert Gnauer & Team wants to be named. As you still can see in that very dark video-docu it is to play with the whole body and visualizations by Doron Goldfarb become generated in real time.

Last but not least Pinkpink accidentally met italian media art teachers from the University of Milano, who are familiar with SL and Gazira Babeli... and we talked about Stelarc...and she hopes to meet them inworld...she defintitely had a great and inspiring time and in a way she does feel strenghened: there is a future for us avatars!

ODYSSEY Performance Art Festival 2011

took place the last two weeks:
I could not make it to the half of the events, but what I have experienced, definitely blew my mind. Attending artists handled and showed almost everything thats possible by now on a very high level; besides live-presence, multi-tasking and cooperations livestreams and wii-remote control connections and participatory elements were included. In the end of the very last show, performed by Ze Moo called "The Future of Social Mass Media", Pinkpink died for her first time - it was really brutal, she bought a panzer for 1 L$ and weapons but.

during "Screen me" by Saveme Oh

Short cut about The Future of Social Mass Media by Ze Moo

Great and comprehensible video documentation by Pyewacket Kazyanenko about the performance "Interdimensional Call" by Kai Steamer

Several things

were going in june the Machinima Festival 2011 took place in Amsterdam, great ones were screened like "Opium" by Pyewacket Kazyanenko:

and Second Life celebrated its 8th birthday - well, its still a child ;) and Pinkpink emigrated to OSGRID...and besides she is proud that she was asked to put her installation "Antsy Chamber" at The Port, a famous and great sim to explore.

at The Port

For the present: Permanent Birthday

Second Fluxus Area will stay and expand!
pixel Reanimator installed his "Futurefluxus Resources" and L1Aura Loire added a reference to "One and three chairs" by Joseph Kosuth - and performative installation works by Second Front are still to explore, so please come, see, listen, play, pick up, read and get inspired!

One & Four Timeboards by L1Aura Loire

Teleport to Second Fluxus Area

Second Life-live-performances!

at "Futurefluxus - Fluxus is dead"! We enjoyed several scores performed by "Second Front" like "Alice Denham in 48 seconds" by Al Hansen, "Play mate" - Teeter Totter with your own weight in carrots - and "Patina" - Urinate on an egg until it has a nice patina or until it explodes - by Larry Miller and Misprint Thursday performed an anecdote-like cross reality story and pixel Reanimator bombed us with random landmarks and notecards and his theoretical entry on Fluxus in the local chat…and Pinkpink performed "How to Explain Art to a Dead Harddisc" and showed "Missing a Kick" in the very end. In sum I guess it was successfull in both realities, although it showed up again the limitations and difficulties...but nevertheless the real life audience was highly impressed. See more pics at flickr.


"Fluxus is dead" - a mixed reality event - in the frame of Futurefluxus for May, 7th, at 7:30 am SLT, at the virtual world of Cyland - Media Art Lab in Second Life, TP, and at 16:30 at Donaufestival in Krems (A)

The huge number of activities going on in virtual worlds may probably be a good example for a trial of a Fluxus orientated practice. Thinking about what could be realized for Futurefluxus in Second Life, the wish to refer to the community aspects raised immediately and its a pleasure now to be able to announce the very joyful realtime commitments by the performance group "Second Front" with Bibbe Hansen, Larry Miller and Patrick Lichty, as well as by Misprint Thursday and pixel Reanimator. Pinkpink will lead through a program of scores/performances and interventions and a talk crossing the worlds shall take place, where we will try to deal with and touch questions about terms like intermedia, multimedia and interactive intermedia in the digital aera.
Additional it is to mention that Futurefluxus tracks artproduction as well as researching and plans ongoing events to that topic the next months. Stay tuned!


…and suddenly there were a lot of guests…prominent ones! …and compliments!! Although she was surprised indeed, seeing them sitting on the cubes…she never thought them to do so…and never did it herself…and remembered a real life scene in the past when she have baked gingerbread-robots and people started to EAT them, lol. Unfortunately the video did not work out for everybody. It requires viewer2 and its tested with SLViewer2, Viewer2 Beta and Imprudence.
The exhibition is definitely worth an intensive visit. Due to a cunning hud, which you receive at the main-point its very easy to get to every installation, so please do not hesitate: TELEPORT to VISUALIZING THEOREM at UTSA.
Participating Artists: AM Radio, Betty Tureaud, Binary Quandry, Blue Tsuki, Dekka Raymaker, Desdemona Enfield, Douglas Story, Formatting Heliosense, March Macbain, Miso Susanowa, Misprint Thursday, Oberon Onmura, Penumbra Carter, pixel Reanimator, Scarp Godenot, Sledge Roffo, Werner Kurosawa and Pinkpink.


today, April, 2nd, 4pm, SLT (Middle-europe: Sunday, April 3rd, 1am) at the virtual land of UTSA - University of Texas at San Antonio - TELEPORT -
VISUALIZING THEOREM, curated by Misprint Thursday, is an exhibit with 16 digital installations based on the album "Theorem". Each artist was asked to choose one track/theorem to work with. What a privilege for Pinkpink to take part! Her choice was "Aleatoric" and it really became a dice-playing procedure. :P Take a look at the fantastic catalogue!

And find more about it at where you can listen to the tracks as well as watch the already published video-documentations about each work! acquire a taste for it!! - Hope you can come!!!


Watch an inworld-documentation video about "Missing a kick", a Cross-reality installation by Pinkpink, which still can be visited at CYLAND.


at Transmediale 2011: - what a fun...and chance encounters...and for sure several inspiring conversations...but commonly Pinkpink only found one, but interesting link
to the virtual worlds:

and decided to create herself another one and has therefore many thanks to Open Design City, a hacker space in Berlin with a representation at Transmediale 2011, who operated there with a PINK-coloured ABS - so it was impossible for her not to ask for an ashtray :P - watch a short prove!


can still be visited -

Pinkpink really thanks the participating artists again for their works and patience - and she will try to show the exhibition at least one more time in real.

Unfortunately all the video-documentation filmed in SL during CYBERFEST she got without audio-track, so the documentation needs to be produced - and in general she was told that a real media-artist has a finished documentation already when he/she is leaving the place - OMG - she will definitely try to keep that in mind. :P

Nevertheless it became an interesting group-show. Be aware that some of the works are interactive, some of them combined with real life data and most of them need a special audio-setting.

To awake your interest:
- artist´s appearance in alphabetical order:

"Perpetuum mobili tap" by Igor Ballyhoo - he is also represented with the work "Hommage to an andalusian dog" and with "ballet of scissors".

Glyph Grave´s "Antarctica - an individual existence" is extremely cunning and impressing and already often reported. Come inworld to catch a notecard...also the The Antarctic Meteorological Research Center makes mention of it!

"Touch your creativity 1": Interactive work by by Gleman Jun

L1Aura Loire built the installation "Domestic Technologies or never alone" specially for Cyberfest 2010, and made up the samenamed fantastic machinima, filmed inner her installation - and wrote on about her engagement. Her video-work was selected for the ada Studio Film series On the Wall, Berlin, January 21, 2011!

"Chatroom" by Selavy Oh; read more about on!

"Oxide arachnid" by Scottius Polke

"forrest v1.2" by Binary Quandry

without title by Sledge Roffo

"Double 00" by Misprint Thursday: interactive installation combined with google-phone and google-(mis)translating and actually built as a scene for a performance. Please read the translations and more at

Betty Tureaud

"Housebugs" by Magggnnus Woodget

and last but not least a pic about the Cross Reality Installation "Missing a kick" by Pinkpink Sorbet in
script-collaboration with qdot Bunnyhug.

Here and there it was. AMAZING.

more documentation coming truly soon.


its all still haywire…but:

Nov. 24th, 6AM SLT

synchronously to the 1st real life presentation at
CYBERFEST 2010 on Nov. 24th, 17:00 in St. Petersburg, at the Heremitage. :D

Participating artists: Igor Ballyhoo, Glyph Graves, L1Aura Loire, Selavy Oh, Scottius Polke, Binary Quandry, Sledge Roffo, Pinkpink Sorbet, Misprint Thursday, Betty Tureaud and Magggnnus Woodget

2nd Presentation at CYBERFEST 2010 will take place on nov. 26th, 9AM SLT - included a Cross Reality Installation by Pinkpink Sorbet in cooperation with qdot Bunnyhug…

Hope you can come and by interest take a look at the catalogue!

SL Odditorium

Although the BURN2 Festival will start tomorrow, we focus now totally on CYBERFEST :P and preparations are going on. For this year Pinkpink arranges a virtual group-show at Cyland SL Odditorium, which will take place synchronously to the festival in real life and deals with the same motto: "Housebugs".
Glad to tell that some of the greatest artists on the grid accepted Cyland´s invitation to take part at Cyberfest, and hopefully they all will be online at the times of the real-life presentations...stay tuned!


Yesterday evening Pinkpink won the ANTON MESMER Honourable Mention Price at the august and last round of the monthly challenges at University of West Australia.
The challenges now took place 12 times and brought several great works and international collaborations to light.
When she decided, because of a lag of time, to enter the quite
elder piece "Partly Antsy Chamber" in a very last minute, she never thought that it will be liked that way. It was an amazing experience of immersion to get mentioned. It´s just a tricky, except the sound, which is generated by the sound of ebay, non scripted work, a video, specially produced for that effect.

A video about the installation will follow,
but for the moment you are very welcome to visit
"Antsy Chamber" at CYLAND.

Still voiceless and grateful.


for CYBERFEST 2010 which will take place in St. Petersburg and SL upcoming November!

CYBERFEST 2010 will be dedicated to the understanding of the domestic life and the everyday practice in the digital civilization.
There is a constant flow of new things appearing to serve the customers – more complex and advanced household appliances, utensils, furnitures, tools, clothes, communication channels, hygiene products and so on. On the one hand, everyday life improves, on the other – technical progress formulates new challenges to the human being. There are changes in speed, limits of intimacy, possibilities of communication, and above all – in fundamental notions of real and imaginary, live and not live.
To take part in Cyberfest 2010 we call for works of media artists, which give a meaning to changes in psychological parameters of everyday life of a modern man, surrounded by digital gadgets.
Read more about at and for inworld-entries please contact Pinkpink!

June, 23rd

As there is to celebrate the 7th birthday of Second Life the opening will be reveled today, but the last 2 days talks took already place - and I want to remark Philip Rosedale´s opening words, the founder of SL; read or listen to his speech over here - and take a look at the festival´s schedule and the teleports over here - and: cu there!

Sad to say

that The Greenies will leave back to their homeplanet and close their sim on june, 23rd. Join the festival until then over there and read more about at What a pity.

Raglan Shire Artwalk 2010

Raglan Shire is hosting its 5th ArtWalk May 9-30, 2010.
It´s a 3-week long, multi-sim art festival. Reproductions of RL artwork and SL artwork including photography and sculpture will be shown and events will take place. Over 100 artists are exhibiting over 3 sims, Pinkpink included. :P
Join at

c h a i r

Today its to say that tomorrow the c h a i r exhibition will open at 4pm SLT at IMOPCA - Invisible Museum Of Post Contemporary Art, curated by Rod Mandel - and two Cylandists have been asked to join! - btw. that was the reason why she was as nervy to enter her piece at UWA last month :P - Please dress up and come!

Invisible Museum of Post Contemporary Art.
Openning Wednesday March 10th 2010 at 4pm PST
Gazira Babeli, Jo Ellsmere, Arrow Inglewood, L1Aura Loire,
Rod Mandel, Tunes Meness, Bryn Oh, Oberon Onmura, Maya Paris,
Scottius Polke, Dekka Raymaker, Pinkpink Sorbet,
Misprint Thursday, Magggnnus Woodget
Front Design: Sofia Lagerkvist, Chalotte von der Lancken,
Ann Lindgren and Katja Savstrom. Jori Laarman, Joo Youn Paek

MaMachinima International Festival

Today in Amsterdam 54 machinimas made by 54 machinimatographers will be prensented. There is a possibility to join inworld at MMIF-PAL Dome Theatre, and the event will also be streamed on the web: Watch the famous machinima
"The body is obsolete" by Chantal Harvey to acquire a taste for it.


She entered her piece "De(construct)3" at UWA´s Art & Design Challenge for February. I guess next week you can vote for it
inworld at UWA - or for something else!

Transmediale.10 & the Virtual World

Among various media-art presentations and performances also a virtual art related film was screened at transmediale 2010:
"Prim Limit" by Franziska Lamprecht und Hajoe Moderegger. A plot of land is purchased in Second Life and a simple questions is asked: Where do discarded 3D objects go and can we build a dumpster to accommodate them? To find out eteam set aside a year to let this virtual land use problem unfold, and what is captured in "Prim Limit" is the lived experience of avatars managing and recording this dumpster.
By interest please watch this film online at

Cyberfest 2009 - another addition!

Visual impressions about the "Electric Alien" - Mixed Reality Performance on Nov. 24th 2009 in St.Petersburg and Cyland/SL. In RL Andrey Bartenev´s performance took place, which was streamed to Cyland/SL, where in an alien space inworld-visitors became aliens themselves and were part of the performance.

Teleport to Alien Space!

AT UWA - University of Western Australia - 3D Art and Design Challenge

People´s choice: two days left to vote three favorite pieces out of 69 entries at the december round of UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The winners will be announced at Jan. 10th, 5am SLT.


As there were a lot of artists invited to Cyberfest 2009, of course some cool conversations took place! At the Frants Gallery Space, when Pinkpink arranged an SL scene and people were allowed to try it out on their own, she met Carol Parkinson, director of Harvestworks, together with Hans Tammen she was presenting a sound installation named "Echolocation". Carol was very excited about SL, and said that they want to start their own project inworld. Hope so! Also Denny Daniel, who is running some funny projects, watch out his Museum of interesting things, checked out SL very carefully, threw away some not locked walls in Cyland, told what he already did...and asked a lot about what he can do more! And Raphaele Shirley, who was there to present [PAM] - perpetual art machine - she had a lot of compliments for Pinkpink´s creations and carefully listed them. Thank her so much! And DJ Spooky also! He liked the idea to implement his work Kino Pravda in SL, and therefore gave us a DVD for a better output. It was a pity that the "Electric Alien" scene inworld could not have been shown to the real life public during the live-performance by Andrey Bartenev, which was streamed inworld - there were, lets say, some difficulties - to learn about! - but a documentation-video will follow. Please stay tuned! And find videos about Cyberfest already at and read what Brian Droitcour wrote about it at!


Proud to tell that Pinkpink is invited together with Magggnnus Woodget to take part in a podcast at Brooklyn is watching. It will be on wednesday, 16th of December at 2 pm SLT which is 11 pm in Vienna for example. We will look at art that is on the parcel and talk about it and record it:) - watch with and listen to us!