Sad to say, this is the end.

Its already a while ago when Cyland unfortunately stopped its engagement in Second Life - as well as Pinkpink stopped publishing on this blog, although she worked further and still used the studio in SL…but its now just consequent when the virtual land of Cyland will be definitely closed. Until the end we had around 100 visitors per month who enjoyed the long-time installations at Cyland Odditorium and the Fluxus-concerned space. Let me say again a lot of thanks to Cyland, who gave virtual art a chance, and to all of the engaged artists in alphabetical order: Igor Ballyhoo, Glyph Graves, Gleman Jun, Patrick Lichty, L1Aura Loire, Bibbe Oh, Selavy Oh, Scottius Polke, Binary Quandry, Pixel Reanimator, Sledge Roffo, Misprint Thursday, Betty Tureaud and Magggnnus Woodget. Hope to see you in a sandbox or at ngrid or elsewhere!