"Fluxus is dead" - a mixed reality event - in the frame of Futurefluxus for May, 7th, at 7:30 am SLT, at the virtual world of Cyland - Media Art Lab in Second Life, TP, and at 16:30 at Donaufestival in Krems (A)

The huge number of activities going on in virtual worlds may probably be a good example for a trial of a Fluxus orientated practice. Thinking about what could be realized for Futurefluxus in Second Life, the wish to refer to the community aspects raised immediately and its a pleasure now to be able to announce the very joyful realtime commitments by the performance group "Second Front" with Bibbe Hansen, Larry Miller and Patrick Lichty, as well as by Misprint Thursday and pixel Reanimator. Pinkpink will lead through a program of scores/performances and interventions and a talk crossing the worlds shall take place, where we will try to deal with and touch questions about terms like intermedia, multimedia and interactive intermedia in the digital aera.
Additional it is to mention that Futurefluxus tracks artproduction as well as researching and plans ongoing events to that topic the next months. Stay tuned!