Second Life-live-performances!

at "Futurefluxus - Fluxus is dead"! We enjoyed several scores performed by "Second Front" like "Alice Denham in 48 seconds" by Al Hansen, "Play mate" - Teeter Totter with your own weight in carrots - and "Patina" - Urinate on an egg until it has a nice patina or until it explodes - by Larry Miller and Misprint Thursday performed an anecdote-like cross reality story and pixel Reanimator bombed us with random landmarks and notecards and his theoretical entry on Fluxus in the local chat…and Pinkpink performed "How to Explain Art to a Dead Harddisc" and showed "Missing a Kick" in the very end. In sum I guess it was successfull in both realities, although it showed up again the limitations and difficulties...but nevertheless the real life audience was highly impressed. See more pics at flickr.