Ars Electronica 2011

The this year´s Ars Electronica Festival took place from August 30th to September 6th in Linz, Austria, with its title "Origin - how it all begins" - and as you can imagine, Pinkpink has been seeing an incredible number of Media Art. Since she visited twice the presentation of MIT´s doppellab hold by Joseph Paradiso and Gershon Dublon at the "Deep Space", where high-definition visuals in jumbo 16x9-meter format are to enjoy, she´d like to face a Second Life-3D-project... :P - the cross reality thing "doppellab" is weird also in that case, that the virtual environment is not built, but generated by an engine getting the datas of the building through sensors attached in real to the MIT´s headquarter in Massachusetts.

In the frame of the displayed activities of the University of Tsukuba, Japan, which has played a leading role in media art for more than 30 years, there was another installation by Hiroo Iwata, which showed up a possibility for crossing our worlds. "Torus Treadmill" is a construction, which enables you to walk on a mechanic floor through a virtual projection.

Pinkpink also found a work which was balm for her weakness for 3D-printing: "Print your own souvenir". BlablaLab from Spain realized to scan the visitor and a miniature-statuette becomes printed three-dimensionally from a volumetric reconstruction of the person. For that work BlablaLab won the Honorary Mention price of Hybrid Art at Ars Electronica 2011.

In the category "Computer Animations and Film" "The Chase" by Faulkner & Smith won an Honourable Mention Price too; she is tickled pink about a work like that; screen-captured game-sequences included!

And because of the weakness of CYLAND for the Theremin in general "The Art of Body Mass" by Herbert Gnauer & Team wants to be named. As you still can see in that very dark video-docu it is to play with the whole body and visualizations by Doron Goldfarb become generated in real time.

Last but not least Pinkpink accidentally met italian media art teachers from the University of Milano, who are familiar with SL and Gazira Babeli... and we talked about Stelarc...and she hopes to meet them inworld...she defintitely had a great and inspiring time and in a way she does feel strenghened: there is a future for us avatars!