ODYSSEY Performance Art Festival 2011

took place the last two weeks: odysseysimulator.blogspot.com
I could not make it to the half of the events, but what I have experienced, definitely blew my mind. Attending artists handled and showed almost everything thats possible by now on a very high level; besides live-presence, multi-tasking and cooperations livestreams and wii-remote control connections and participatory elements were included. In the end of the very last show, performed by Ze Moo called "The Future of Social Mass Media", Pinkpink died for her first time - it was really brutal, she bought a panzer for 1 L$ and weapons but.

during "Screen me" by Saveme Oh

Short cut about The Future of Social Mass Media by Ze Moo

Great and comprehensible video documentation by Pyewacket Kazyanenko about the performance "Interdimensional Call" by Kai Steamer