for CYBERFEST 2010 which will take place in St. Petersburg and SL upcoming November!

CYBERFEST 2010 will be dedicated to the understanding of the domestic life and the everyday practice in the digital civilization.
There is a constant flow of new things appearing to serve the customers – more complex and advanced household appliances, utensils, furnitures, tools, clothes, communication channels, hygiene products and so on. On the one hand, everyday life improves, on the other – technical progress formulates new challenges to the human being. There are changes in speed, limits of intimacy, possibilities of communication, and above all – in fundamental notions of real and imaginary, live and not live.
To take part in Cyberfest 2010 we call for works of media artists, which give a meaning to changes in psychological parameters of everyday life of a modern man, surrounded by digital gadgets.
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