can still be visited -

Pinkpink really thanks the participating artists again for their works and patience - and she will try to show the exhibition at least one more time in real.

Unfortunately all the video-documentation filmed in SL during CYBERFEST she got without audio-track, so the documentation needs to be produced - and in general she was told that a real media-artist has a finished documentation already when he/she is leaving the place - OMG - she will definitely try to keep that in mind. :P

Nevertheless it became an interesting group-show. Be aware that some of the works are interactive, some of them combined with real life data and most of them need a special audio-setting.

To awake your interest:
- artist´s appearance in alphabetical order:

"Perpetuum mobili tap" by Igor Ballyhoo - he is also represented with the work "Hommage to an andalusian dog" and with "ballet of scissors".

Glyph Grave´s "Antarctica - an individual existence" is extremely cunning and impressing and already often reported. Come inworld to catch a notecard...also the The Antarctic Meteorological Research Center makes mention of it!

"Touch your creativity 1": Interactive work by by Gleman Jun

L1Aura Loire built the installation "Domestic Technologies or never alone" specially for Cyberfest 2010, and made up the samenamed fantastic machinima, filmed inner her installation - and wrote on about her engagement. Her video-work was selected for the ada Studio Film series On the Wall, Berlin, January 21, 2011!

"Chatroom" by Selavy Oh; read more about on!

"Oxide arachnid" by Scottius Polke

"forrest v1.2" by Binary Quandry

without title by Sledge Roffo

"Double 00" by Misprint Thursday: interactive installation combined with google-phone and google-(mis)translating and actually built as a scene for a performance. Please read the translations and more at

Betty Tureaud

"Housebugs" by Magggnnus Woodget

and last but not least a pic about the Cross Reality Installation "Missing a kick" by Pinkpink Sorbet in
script-collaboration with qdot Bunnyhug.